In „Technopolis“ busy season – moving new tenants

The largest office city “Technopolis” in Lithuania, opens another office building. In September next to the “Siemens” arena will be open new building “Penta”. The first tenant of new building will be concern “Icor”. From the beginning of the year 35 new companies have been located in to office city “Technopolis”. The foundations are celebrated by “Modus group”, “Modus energy”, “CityBee”, Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia and others.


All along “Siemens” arena there are office city “Technopolis” which one have 7 office buildings – “Alfa”, “Beta”, “Gama”, “Delta” (“Beta” and “Delta” – each have two buildings). The building “Nova” will be 8th building in “Technopolis” office city.


Till 2020 year expecting to have 100.000 square meters of “Technopolis” building city.


Office building “Penta” (companies photo)

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The Technopolis Ozas campus is comprised of five different-sized office buildings – Alfa, Beta, Gama, Delta and Penta – providing  more than 77,000 m² in leasable space. The current …