Technopolis will completely eliminate CO2–based energy in its buildings

The Finnish company Technopolis, that manages the largest office park in Lithuania, has announced that it will aim to use carbon neutral energy in all its campuses by 2030. The company operating in seven countries says that this goal is ambitious, yet realistic – in the last three years alone, the CO2 footprint in Technopolis buildings has been reduced by a third. The business parks located in Lithuania and Finland are leading in this area, and for several years now they use 100% green and renewable electricity.


“Businesses, governments and individuals all need to do their share to tackle climate change. The real estate sector is currently responsible for one third of total carbon dioxide emissions, so we think going carbon neutral is a must in our industry. Real estate players need to commit to concrete action and start leveraging new innovations to reach this goal,” says Lina Maskoliune, the Business Unit Director of Technopolis in Vilnius.


According to her, while the space of the premises in Vilnius has increased in recent years, the curve of CO2 emissions per square meter has been steadily moving in the opposite direction – decreasing. “After changing the electricity supplier four years ago, we have completely switched to the renewable resources, and we have been intensively installing the solar power plants on the roofs of the buildings. As a result, CO2 emissions have fallen by 60% per one square meter while the total office space has been constantly increasing.”


“We intend to further expand the supply of our own solar energy – we will install additional power plants on the Nova office building, which will open soon. In 2016–2019, the amount of solar energy produced on our roofs increased by 3,000%, and from the beginning of next year, we plan to produce 10% of the total amount of electricity required for our buildings by ourselves,” says L. Maskoliūne.


The Business Unit Director of Technopolis in Vilnius also emphasizes that despite a more sustainable way of energy production, it is no less important to reduce its consumption. “We focus not only on green energy, but also on the ways of saving it in general. In 2016–2019, with the total area of premises growing significantly, the energy consumption decreased by 7% per square meter. We are constantly looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and implement sustainability and employee welfare projects internally. We consistently create an infrastructure for car sharing, electric vehicles, we encourage and create infrastructure to commute to work by bicycle or scooter, moreover, together with our partners we encourage our customers to sort waste, engage in educational activities and promote the responsible use of resources.”


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