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Technopolis Ozas

The Technopolis Ozas campus is comprised of three different-sized office buildings – Alfa (9,100 m²), Beta (22,500 m²), Gama (11,500 m²) and Delta (22,000 m²) – providing  64,000 m² in leasable space. The current buildings are equipped with modern technology: a building management system, advanced ventilation and air conditioning systems, high-speed elevators and a full-time security service. The range of buildings and the flexibility in adapting the space to customer needs make these buildings exclusive and modern.

Technopolis creates a growth-friendly ecosystem for your company. We offer flexible space with the most extensive service offering on the market. We want to offer the optimal space solutions to our customers, who are looking for space efficiency and flexibility that enables growth and the development of operations.

New Project PENTA

Construction of the new project Delta will be over till the end of the year 2017. It’s class A office building with more than 13 000 m2 of leasable space. Green building certification system LEED, modern engineering systems, efficient and easy to transform office space and high quality indoor finishing materials. Perfect neighbourhood with shopping centre, “Siemens” entertainment arena and green area of Ozas park makes this building best place to move-in with your team! Contact us and reserve office premises now!

Opening: Q4 2017

Available Office Spaces

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Distance to Airport
13 km
Distance to City Center
5 km
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You can already book a space for your Company’s Office in PENTA’s building in Technopolis Ozas campus. The best place for your business in Lithuania!


This is a modern B+ class building which has 4 floors and was opened in 2008. The building has 8,700 m² of leasable area and 240 parking spaces.

The ALFA building is occupied by smaller companies, so there is a Technopolis reception on the first floor, conference and meeting rooms, a business lounge and a video room for our customers’ convenience. In this building, you will also find an Open restaurant.

You can find more information about the services, provided in the buildings of Technopolis Ozas here.


BETA is a modern B+ class building which has 10 floors and was opened in 2010. The building has more than 22,300 m² of leasable area and 670 parking spaces.


GAMA is a modern B+ class building on the Technopolis Ozas campus. This building was opened in 2013 and has 10,570 m² of leasable area. The area of one floor varies from 700 to 1,100 m². There are 360 parking spaces in the parking lot and enclosed parking for bicycles.

The conference hall ‘Čiurlionis’, with 120 seats, is in this building. All our guests are welcome to have a tasty breakfast or healthy lunch in the GAMA building cafeteria – the Shimai Bistro.


DELTA is a modern B+ class building on the Technopolis Ozas campus. This building was opened in 2017 and has 22,000 m² of leasable area. .

In this building we have new concept of co-working space “UMA” – new and modern place to work for small companies, enterpreneurs and freelancers.
This co-working space is best solution for travelers – with 1 membership you can Access all Technopolis UMA’s in 12 different cities in Finland, Estonia, Norway and Russia.

There are 18 meeting premises and event areas, video Conference premises, day lunch restaurant and cafeteria “Busy Beet”. Come and check! Reception is open from 8 am till 6pm every bussiness day!

Why Move to Technopolis?

The Technopolis Ozas campus is the place where your company can grow and develop. We offer services which will help in finding new partners and clients. We communicate with all our clients daily so that we’re able to find out your requirements and offer the best possibilities and tools for your company’s productivity and revenue generation.

Technopolis, as a service provider, wants to help its customers to focus to their business and create an environment where their daily questions and problems related to office space are solved by the professional Technopolis team. This co-operation model brings more efficiency to our customer’s business and helps to save costs.