Starts 15.1.2020 15.00
Ends 15.1.2020 16.30
Event location
J. Balčikonio street 9, Vilnius
Technopolis/Delta, 1st floor, Conference hall „Aistis“
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The World of Work is Changing – Is Your Company Prepared for It?

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The World of Work is Changing / VR: Open the door to your future office today
Tiia Rauhamäki, Concept Manager, Technopolis


The fight for top talent is getting fiercer. Work is becoming scattered and technological innovations are disrupting whole industries. In order to survive in this rapidly changing landscape, companies have to look at office space in a new way. One-size-fits-all solutions are long gone. Functional work environments are about much more than square meters and nicely decorated offices.

Is your company or organization planning on moving to new premises? Are any other major changes due to take place in your workplace? If so, we recommend that you join this event. We will provide practical tips and answers to the following questions:

  • How do I attract top talent and hold on to them?
  • What are the main pitfalls of reforming workspaces and how do I avoid them?
  • How do I get people aboard with these changes?
  • Why is a workspace an investment in my company’s future?
  • How could VR technology help in the process of a work environment reform?

Let’s talk about the new era of work! The discussion is led by experienced workspace expert Tiia Rauhamäki.

We’d love to see you join in the discussion!

This event will be held in English.

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15:00 Registration & opening of the event, Technopolis Ozas

15:10 The World of Work is Changing / VR: Open the door to your future office today
Tiia Rauhamäki, Concept Manager, Technopolis

16:20 Networking

16:30 End of the event

After the event you have a possibility to attend campus tour.

Speaker – Tiia Rauhamäki

Tiia Rauhamäki, Concept Manager, Workplace Solutions at Technopolis & UMA Workspace

My skill is to combine humanity with true business. When creating a new concept I believe in simplicity and honesty. Work environments are my passion and aesthetics come by nature.

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