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Meeting Rooms

Meeting and Conference Premises

Due the coronavirus outbreak we can postpone your meetings with no charge. Please contact us vilnius@technopolis.lt regarding your reservations before cancelling them.

Our meeting space is fresh, cozy and has the latest equipment to make your meeting successful. We will take care of all meeting-related issues – we will prepare all equipment and furniture according to your requests. Drinking water is served free in all the meeting areas. Interested?

Contact! +370 6 8917011

Meeting Rooms


Branded Events

Personalize your event to look like you and your company.
Our modifiable event packages are available in three different scopes. Contact us for more information.


Exceptional Opening Hours:

We have changed our normal opening hours in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Location of Meeting Rooms

ALFA building,1st floor, V.Gerulaičio g. 1, Vilnius

NĖRIS (10 seats)
VYDŪNAS (16 seats)
MAIRONIS (50 seats)

Restaurant OPEN

GAMA building,1st floor, J.Balčikonio 7, Vilnius

Conference Hall ČIURLIONIS (120 seats)

Cafe “Thiery kepykla

DELTA building, J.Balčikonio g.7, Vilnius

1st floor
AISTIS (50 seats)

MAŽVYDAS (10 seats)

BILIŪNAS (8 seats)

VIDEO VILNIUS (20 seats)


Meeting premises plan

2nd floor
BORUTA (8 seats)

DONELAITIS (8 seats)

UMA workrooms (6 rooms, 4 seats in each)

3rd floor
ŽEMAITĖ (8 seats)

Restaurant Busy beet

PENTA building, Ozo str. 12A, Vilnius

1st floor
MAČERNIS (18 seats)

SRUOGA (10 seats)

2nd floor
JONYNAS (10 seats)


Restaurant Fiesta

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