and Coffee Shops

High-class and diverse restaurant and catering services are available in all the premises of Technopolis. In addition to lunch and coffee services, a service can be ordered for all events from morning seminars to evening parties. Events with service can also be arranged in the restaurant areas outside their opening hours.

Spaces for your event

For your convenience, there is space for your events, celebrations or meetings. You can arrange them not only in special conference halls but also in our restaurants, common areas. Here, too, you will always find a place for your informal event at the time of your choice. When it‘s beautiful outside, you can enjoy the sun on the 10th-floor terrace in Delta building.

Restaurants and Spaces for Events

OPEN restaurant in the ALFA building. You will always find a smiling and helpful team ready to fulfill all your wishes. Visit, rate, reserve! Visit OPEN restaurant’s Facebook account.

SHIMAI BISTRO restaurant in the GAMA building. For your lunch, the event with delicious dishes will be taken care of by the team of SHIMAI, after all, much more fun when you do not need to take care of anything, come and enjoy yourself! Visit the SHIMAI BISTRO Facebook account.

BUSY BEET restaurant in the DELTA building. Delicious food, energetic BUSY BEET team will pamper you during lunch or at the event, visit and enjoy! Visit the BUSY BEET Facebook account.

LUNCH T1ME restaurant in the BETA building. The restaurant’s 90-seats offers quality dining and fast lunch. The furrows can accommodate up to 150 people. Customized menu with kitchen chef, modern environment, video and audio equipment – everything you need for a successful event for your company. Visit the LUNCH T1ME Facebook account.

HURACAN COFFEE SHOP cafe – BETA building. The attention to the customer and the delicious smell of coffee will always make you feel welcome, so you will want to come back more than once. Visit the HURACAN COFFEE website.

F1EST4 restaurant in the PENTA building. Spanish music here, small pins, Spanish dishes, and wine are celebrated every day. Fiesta – a feast on your plate! Visit the RE5T4UR4NT F1EST4 Facebook account.



Terrace on the roof of the DELTA building. Exclusive space for your event or staying with a friend/co-worker. The beautiful weather, the sun and the view from the 10th floor will make your time fun! Explore, book and enjoy! For your convenience, it is possible to arrange meals in high skies!



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Shimai Bistro

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Huracán Coffee Shop

Vilnius, Beta

RE5T4UR4NT Fiesta

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