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Technopolis Workplace Solutions is a service for all companies that want to work more efficiently, invest in their company’s success and the comfort of their employees – while saving on office costs.

Technopolis Workplace Solutions – Creating Success-Driven Work Environments

How many square meters does your company need? What is a good workplace like? Is an activity-based office better than an open-plan office? Do all your employees need their own workstation?

If your company is planning to move to new premises or to renovate its current office, you should start the project by mapping out the needs of your company and employees. A great work environment is built according to the needs of real people, not based on trends.

As a result, you’ll get an inspiring and efficient workspace that supports your employees’ work and wellbeing. Great work environments translate to successful company cultures.

Technopolis Worksplace Solutions is a service that consists of three components, which can also be implemented separately.

The aim in the analysis phase is to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges that the company faces and the changes that are required. The analysis explores factors such as the type of work environment that would improve employee performance. A plan of action is then drawn up on the basis of the findings.

The company’s starting point can be mapped out using methods such as expert interviews, online surveys and workshops that engage employees. If the analysis is carried out in conjunction with a move to new premises, it is advisable to do it well before selecting the new premises and signing the lease so that the results can be used to the best effect.

The interior phase is the hands-on phase, when the analysis is used as the basis for a design that meets the company’s requirements. This phase is carried out with experts in various fields. It is also the time for all decisions concerning the use of space, furniture solutions and interior design. If possible, this phase should be dealt with before moving to the new premises.
The last phase, action, covers all work in the premises, from redecorating to installing the furniture and recycling the old office furniture, as well as post-renovation quality control.


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All Services Are Available in one Place

Technopolis Workplace Solutions are always tailored to the individual needs of the company
and its employees. The operations, project management and implementation are outsourced to a professional and experienced partner.
This saves your resources and time.


When all solutions and services are obtained from one partner:

You save time and resources

You have access to the extensive expertise and experience of the Technopolis partner network

You benefit from a pre-negotiated price and quality

You get the solution that best meets your company’s requirements

Download a Guide – Benefits of a Good Workspace

In this guide, you’ll find a checklist for improving and designing a functional workspace. Read also on the benefits of a good workspace for both employees and businesses.

Benefits of a Functional Workspace for Companies

Studies have shown that an inefficient work environment impairs employee performance, comfort, motivation and commitment, while a functional work environment improves elements such as productivity and commitment as well as corporate culture in general.

The cons of an inefficient work environment: The pros of a functional work environment:
High office costs and a lot of hidden costs.  If the premises are not designed to the company’s requirements, the use of space is often inefficient, and the company pays for empty space. The space is used more efficiently, and costs go down. A good design usually means that significantly less space is required per employee, and there is no need to keep over-sized meeting rooms empty a lot of the time.
Productivity is low. If the work environment and business premises do not support employees’ needs, employee performance suffers, and they become frustrated easily. It is easier for employees to work in ways that suit them. When the workplace is designed with the users’ actual needs in mind, it is easy to motivate employees to apply new methods and enhance their communal approach to work.
Well-being at work is poor and absences are common. Poor ergonomics leads to absence due to sickness, which incurs both direct and indirect costs for the company. Employee performance improves. When employees’ various duties and needs are taken into consideration and there are suitable spaces for all kinds of activities, productivity improves.
Employees lack motivation. Employees who think that their employer ignores their needs are not as motivated or committed to the company as those who feel that their employer invests in their well-being. The company’s image improves. A comfortable office and strong employee engagement also communicate a positive image of the company to potential employees, clients and partners.
It is difficult to recruit the best possible employees. It is difficult to attract the best talent if the workplace is not competitive and comfortable. Employees feel better and are committed to their employer. A functional workplace enhances well-being among employees. They are less stressed, which not only increases productivity but also ensures that the staff are more strongly committed to the company objectives.