Pradžia 5.7.2018 8.30
Pabaiga 5.7.2018 9.30
J. Balčikonio g. 9, Vilnius
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Co-breakfast: July 2018. Creative Mornings Vilnius goes UMA

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Co-breakfast. CreativeMornings Vilnius goes UMA.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is process, working together is success”


Speaker of the Co-Breakfast

Donatas Kantakevičius

Donatas Kantakevičius – the leader, lecturer, founder of www.vyrai.eu and www.vyruklubas.lt, motivational trainer, leading men’s camps, trips and challenges, valuable seminars on masculinity, self-education, goal finding, motivation, courage and confidence.

“It is my duty as a man to help other men grow up, improve and find their way in their lifes,” says Donatas. “One might relate masculinity with muscular legs, the other with being a gentleman. For me – man’s masculinity is the responsibility.” So this time we will listen, talk and discuss about masculinity. Women are also very much welcome.

CreativeMornings Vilnius goes UMA – short morning gatherings for inspiration, work and networking. If we are co-working, let’s start co-breakfasting!

For the fourth time are inviting you to have a breakfast, listen to a speaker, discuss and share ideas, questions and answers.

8:30 Registration, Breakfast
8:45 Speaker Donatas Kantakevičius
9:30 End of the event

The event is open and free of charge, sign up by July 3 at www.technopolis.lt/renginiai.

The event will be held in Lithuanian.