Pradžia 26.5.2016 17.00
Pabaiga 26.5.2016 20.00
J. Balčikonio g. 7
Renginio vieta
Technopolis Ozas, Gama, Vilnius

Cook for Rugute @Technopolis Ozas

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Sign up by May 20 by email: rideforrugute@barclays.com


Ready to COOK? Have you got a team of FIVE? Have you ever dreamt of your own restaurant?


Gather your team of five and make your dream come true at least for one day. The team, who will raise the most money, will win a special prize sponsored by Ciop-Ciop.

Want to participate, but don’t have a team? Ever wanted to add new flavors to your plate? Join a team of your choice and learn how to spice up your dish. Please send us email.


The event is open and free of charge, sign-up by May 20 by email: rideforrugute@barclays.com.

More information

The objectives of the Childhood Cancer Fund Rugutė are to extend aid and charity to children who are or have been ill with cancer, to help their families, as well as to support the development of the science and practice of oncology. The Fund collects legal, social and medical information which is necessary for the families who have children with cancer, initiates communication among the families and experience sharing, the Fund also supports projects and actions of early diagnostics and is trying to help to improve technical and material facilities of Vilnius’ University Children Clinic and Children’s Oncohaematology Unit at Kaunas’ Medical University Hospital.

“Infinite love and 100 percent responsibility” is the motto of Rugutė Fund, which has been leading the Fund’s daily activity since the day of its establishment. The children, with the children and for the children…

The volunteers of Rugutė, as they see the eyes of the struggling children who are so eager to see the Future, know that they have no right to get tired, to give up or not to believe. The smiles of the children, their most sincere hugs, their boundless strength, people’s trust in Rugutė’s activities, their everyday kindness and generosity create the foundation of Rugutė’s strength to go forward finding ways to realize the Fund’s goals and objectives.

This project will seek to carry out genetic research to the widest possible group of children with the diagnosis of tumors in oncology.