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Nordic Business Forum in collaboration with Oslo Business Forum Online: The New Normal

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Nordic Business Forum aims to provide you with all the tools and networks needed to be a part of the change

The event is free of charge and open for Technopolis customers.  The event will be held in English. Registration is required, we will open the registration in September. Please save the date: 24.9.2020.

Building leaders who change the world

The world has shifted, and the game has changed. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations around the globe have demonstrated remarkable agility, changing business models literally overnight. The ‘new normal’ will be different, but with great possibilities and uncertainties that leaders will have to navigate.

4 world-class speakers: Carla Harris, Randi Zuckerberg, Brian Halligan, and Morten Hansen! 

  • What are the lasting changes going out of this crisis?
  • What are the skills that leaders need in order to guide their business through and beyond this shift?
  • How to focus on long term results while dealing with short term crisis?

Technopolis provides the opportunity to attend Nordic Business Forum online event. Changes are possible.


Want to join? Please contact: events@technopolis.fi and we will let you know more about partnerships.

Feedback from previous live stream events at Technopolis campuses:

  • “You have perfected the arrangements. I want nothing more, nothing less.”
  • “Cool event and very good speakers.”
  • “Two thumbs up!”
  • “Thanks again! See you next year.”
  • “Thank you for an excellent event!”

The schedule and topics are preliminary and directional – changes are possible.